Thursday, July 30, 2015

My new couch

It's really hard to believe, but it's true. The lady who doesn't like IKEA went to ... you guessed it, IKEA.
She explained to me that she was in a bit of a hurry now to buy a bed couch because she needed it fast and couldn't wait a few weeks to have one delivered. And not only did she order said couch, but she also bought new lamps. Whoa! Where's my Mom and what did you do to her?

We are expecting a visitor from the USA. I don't even know her, I only heard about her. She's the lady who made it possible that we kitties are living here.
Mom always loved cats, but she used to think that all cats needed to go outside or they would fall over and die like her plants. White Dude, the very first cat in the house, changed her mind about that. I think we need to be very grateful for that because without him Esme and I would probably run around in the woods now ... or worse.
If you read Dude's story, you also know about Jenn who introduced him to Mom. And she's coming over to see us. And Mom, I guess.

Mom says that's why she needs the couch, but of course we know it is for us. It's about time, too. Can you believe that we have a cardboard bed with a see through bottom? A not as nice way to say it would be to say it has holes. It's worn down, it's kaputt.
I hope we'll get a new couch every time now that one of our cardboard beds is dead. I like to choose from many comfortable places and scratching spots. The fabric looks great for sharpening our claws although Mom just now claimed that at least Esme's claws are sharp enough to kill a big fish. Just because Esme held on to her knees for a bit, pfff.

Now excuse me while I go and take a nap ... but where? Oh, those choices!


  1. IKEA should have a complete collection of furnishing designed for cats. Meanwhile... the collection for humans will have to do :)

    1. To be honest I am still not sure about that couch. Greebo has had one or the other nap on it

  2. Ponder, just play along with the idea that the new sleeping couch is for Jenn. We both know that it belongs to the cats of the house and that you are letting the visitor use it.

    And, be nice to Jenn - all of you!

    1. Mom slept on the couch, but I stayed in the bed with Jenn (don't ask how Mom felt about that).
      We were very nice to Jenn, even Esme came for a snuggle once!

    2. Great job on being such gracious hosts, Ponder!

      P.S. I'll bet Mom was glad to be back in her bed.

    3. You betcha!
      And of course we are gracious hosts. After all we are cats. We are gracious, period!