Tuesday, June 24, 2014

How I develop my designs

"Ponder, wake up. Do you want to blog today? It's time for the Jewelry Artisans Community blog carnival again."
"What's the topic?"
"How to develop your own designs."
"What designs of mine were you thinking of? My way of arranging your blankets or designing with kibble bags? How about the litterbox?"
"Your litterbox arrangements are the best. I like how you take the litter from the edges and turn it into a mountain in the middle."
"I do like that movie about the Englishman who went up a hill and came down from a mountain, you know. Pretty much the same thing, isn't it? Unfortunately my artwork is for the moment, thanks to you."
"Yes, I guess that's in the nature of litterboxes."
"You won't take a picture of it, will you?"
"No worries. So, anything else you got to offer?"
"I could throw up for you."
"Don't you dare!"
"I could make a completely new design for your carpet."
"I'm just kidding. What could I throw up? I'm starving again."
"Is that a subtle way of telling me you are hungry?"
"What a smart human you are."

Nice. First a snack and then another nap.

If you want to see what the JAC members have to say about the topic of the month, you can find them here. I doubt it will be as interesting as my litterbox art would have been, but do give them a chance.

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Friday, June 13, 2014

My name is Stop It - A serious talk between cat and human

Seriously, some days I really feel that way.
I am singing the famous aria "I'm starving" from the cat opera "The Starving Cat" - stop it.
I am trying to surprise Meffi by reaching through the wooden bars of the chair she is lying on - stop it.
I am getting comfortable on Mom's arm while she is writing on the computer - stop it.
I am snuggling up to Mom during what she calls a heat wave - stop it.

Granted, she doesn't say it right away, but does it make it better that it's after the fifth attempt?

Now Meffi has the "Queen's Rights". I have never seen them written down anywhere, but it seems to me this virtual Book of Rights has become much heavier since Meffi got sick. She is allowed to do anything anywhere anytime.

"Go away, Mom, you have your own blog."
"Ponder, you know that Meffi doesn't behave as crazy as you."
"Is it crazy to lie down on top of you?"
"You hardly ever lie down, you jump back and forth again and again, and although you are a wonderful jumper, you choose to stomp on my stomach, ribs or other delicate parts of my body. I won't even mention that you weigh more than twice as much as Meffi and that you are the size of a panther."
"Sheesh, and you keep telling me that I like to overact and exaggerate."
"A little panther."
"She shed on your stuff in the dryer. All you did was laugh and take a picture."
"I never told you to stop shedding and I laughed because she hasn't hidden there from me for a long time."
"You looked like a fool searching for her."
"I also look like a fool if I search for you."
"You never do. I could just disappear and you wouldn't even know."
"I don't search for you because you hardly ever hide. Your favorite place is the scratching ton or the cat tree's cave."
"She's getting special food."
"Which she doesn't like much. She'd rather eat what you have."
"I'll swap."
"No, you won't. She needs her special food because she is sick."
"Is that why you love her more?"
"I don't, Ponder. Remember when you were sick last time? I cared for you as well then."
"You kept putting stinky herbal cream on me!"
"Which was good for you."
"You took me to the vet's. I don't like going there."
"Everyone on the street and at the vet's could hear you. Maybe even creatures from other galaxies."
"So you don't love Meffi more than us others?"
"No, but she is still the Queen and has the Queen's Rights. You are my supervisor and my snuggle bug and my panther. Greebo is the crazy cow cat that sleeps on my head. Esme is the (not so) little princess."
"My name is not Stop It."
"I know. How about you try to be a little less crazy sometimes and I try not to tell you to stop it so often?"
"Deal. Can I lie on your arm now?"
"It's 5,000° out there. You will be glued to me, so the answer is no."
"I'll be on the ton if you are looking for me."
"I love you, all of you, even though you do your best to drive me nuts."
"You already are."

P.S. The dryer does look kind of comfy, doesn't it? Perfect for my Queen. Don't tell her or Mom I said that. I have a reputation to lose.