Friday, December 27, 2013

Coming to an end

The year is coming to an end, not me. Not this blog, either, although you maybe thought so. Gosh, I have been lazy lately. And clingy. Mom says I'm extremely clingy, and she's right. It's probably the weather. It feels good to snuggle up to a human who keeps telling you how good it feels to snuggle up to a cat.
Until she's freaking out, that is. She has that from time, telling us (Greebo is usually on the other side while the girls hang out in a bit of distance) that she can't breathe anymore and that she needs to move. It usually doesn't last long before she's back with us again.

Meffi is so much better now, and she makes the pill giving pretty easy for Mom ... we'll see how long that will last.
She even took up lap sessions which she hadn't done for the longest time, in fact since Mom got her own desk which has been years.
Isn't she a little beauty?

Now that she's gaining weight again, Esme and I have no scruples stealing her food if we think it's better than ours. Or if we were too fast cleaning off our own plate. Or just for the heck of it.
Too bad the paparazza was there ...

A lot of you already know it. We had to say goodbye to our beloved Buster bunny.
It came as a complete surprise and it went fast, too fast. I miss my little buddy and I also know Mom is still very sad. She can't talk about him without tearing up. Her friend Heather (the other half of the HeatherCats) painted a picture after one of Buster's photos. It's just how I imagine him. He's probably snuggling up to Merlin right this second, lying in the grass in the sun.
You won't be forgotten, Buster, that's for sure.


  1. Ponder, I'm glad you and your feline friends are doing well and I'm sorry about Buster. He was a cutie and a character.

    1. We miss him so much. Sometimes I am just sitting in his room yelling, then Mom doen't know what to do but hold me. She's not that bad for a human.