Saturday, March 23, 2013

Plans for the new year

Wow, it has been a long time, but seriously, guys, I had a LOT on my plate. You wouldn't believe the things that are going on here.

We are very slowly trying to find back to a normal life now. Buster has his freedom back and is doing his best to adjust to the new, slippery floor. Esme is feeling better and still fighting Mom every other day about taking her medication. Greebo has been all the way up on the stairs today and had the same confused look on his face as I did the first time. Unfortunately the picture got all blurry. Meffi is sleeping in her basket on the fridge right now, and I'm just about to settle on the table in a few minutes if the vacuum is already reserved (it's not packed away because there's a big session has been going on over the last few days).

You remember the Jewelry Artisans Community? They are trying to get back into the groove and had another blog ring with the topic "Plans for the new year".
To be honest, I feel the year is pretty used already. It has one or the other scratch. Just like Mom, hehe. Can you believe that earlier this evening she started trimming my claws? We have had a seriously heated discussion about that.

And that brings me to my main plan.
Mom needs to learn respect again. She needs to see that we are the bosses around here, and that I'm Mr Ponder Stibbons, the male in the house. The numero uno honcho. Mr Wonderful. The Chief of Chief and the King of Kings. The Ruler. The Only One. PONDER. In big and bold letters.
I have spoken.

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