Friday, December 7, 2012

The bunny room

Mom says people have always asked or laughed about the bunny room. She told me about the first bunnies they had, Wurstel (which means something like "little sausage", but she says it was just because he was such a little baby when they took him home from the zoo to raise him) and Krümel (which means "crumb"). It's a pity that she hasn't scanned any pictures of them yet.
Well, even back then the room was called the bunny room. There have always been bunnies around, some were shy, some were a bit mean, some older, some younger ... and then as you know there is my pal Buster.

It's sad, but I have to tell you that Buster is in jail. An innocent victim. First he has been evicted this morning from his nice big room where he was allowed to roam free and even had access to the rest of the place if he only was ready to cross the step. His home was rudely taken away, his food and water bowls, his toys, his bag of hay ... and then even the ground.
So when he was still wondering what had happened to his world, he was picked up and taken away to jail.
She didn't even give him a little metal cup to bang the bars with. She didn't give him his hut because she thought he would climb it and jump out - back into FREEDOM!
Ok, it's not all that bad. Mom didn't put the roof on, that's why she left the hut out, and he got apple and carrot today and his two favorite toys and a brandnew wood carrot to gnaw on. He could look a lot less happy, then again I have visiting rights whenever I want to jump in and I took advantage of that about two minutes after he had moved.
As you can tell, he has already settled in quite good (droppings on the floor, wood shavings in his hair) ....

Now you may want to know why Mr Buster has been locked up (no lock, Mom actually wired the door to the cage because she didn't want to screw it on - in a turquoise green wire from her stash!).
His room is getting a makeover. When I asked Mom why I didn't get my own room, she not only told me that I was using all the rooms anyway, but that the bunny room had been neglected makeoverwise (quite sure that's not a word) for too long.

I'll be sure to show you a picture of the new digs once it's finished.


  1. Poor Buster, thank goodness for the generous visiting rights!

    1. Last night he took a ride upstairs in Mom's arms, that really confused him at first because he had never been there (by own choice). We all spent some quality computer together while Mom sang Christmas carols to us, and he got a carrot afterwards.
      He told me if that is jail it's not all that bad.