Friday, November 30, 2012

Rainy days

Hey hey, long time no see. What's new with you?
Nothing much new around here, the place is still a mess. Next week Buster will have to move temporarily and - don't tell him yet - he will have to be locked up. That's going to be a hard one because he's not used to that anymore. His room will be re-done and we can't have him run around between paint cans and ladders, can we? Even more so because he's the "Bunny of No Fear" and has to stick his nose into everything.
By the way, I didn't share this picture here on the blog yet, did I? My pal and I, we make a great couple.

The gerbils already moved to a new home, and although we were not much interested in them in the old place, it's much more fun watching them now. There hasn't changed much, and still they seem to be more active. I only wonder why Mom keeps telling me "Animal lovers don't knock on the glass". Huh? She must have seen my look because she explained that's what it says in the aquarium of the Stuttgart zoo. Now the gerbils seem to care even a bit which is almost annoying. Shouldn't they run in fear instead of staring us in the eye?

Now let's get to the rainy days, though. It's this month's JAC blog ring theme, and I'm sorry to say that Mom totally forgot it. She isn't good with dates these days, must be the age.
We don't really mind rainy days here, after all we are inside cats (sometimes I think so is Mom on the weekend, she practically has to be pushed out of that door). Then again we all don't really mind water at all. Esme has been known to drink bath water before (with natural oil in it), I have known to jump in the bath tub before, Meffi likes to sleep next to the kitchen sink, and Greebo is probably just too lazy to even care.

Sometimes Mom leaves the window open if the rain comes from the right side and can't get through the window, then we sit on the sill and watch it.
Fall is over, however. We are heading into winter big time, and now we watch snowflakes ... and listen to Mom ranting about snow. Funny, she likes rain, but she hates snow with a vengeance.
Humans, huh?

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And if you were good and read all of this, here's a little treat, Esme and I on our rag rugs. Doesn't that look like a perfect solution for a rainy day? ;-)


  1. Hope Buster likes his new room and stop tapping on the glass, Ponder. Lick it instead! My motto is when in doubt, lick it and the more the better.

    Hey, I have a rug just like that. I get it just the way I want it and then Mom comes along and straightens it out. *sigh*

    Your friend,
    Elle the black lab

    1. That's a helpful hint, Elle, thank you! If I lick the glass, that's also not as loud and Mom won't find out that easily. Unless she'll take tongue prints ...

      We love our rugs, and we taught Mom to not straighten them out all the time. It helps that she's a bit messy :-P

  2. Nah. You're mom will just figure she made a smeary fingerprint or somethin'. Trust me; I get away with this kind of stuff all the time.

    Ponder, do you have any helpful hints to teach my Mom to leave my rugs alone? Even though I know her heart is in the right place, it's so annoying when she does that.

    Your friend, Elle.

    1. Hey, that's smart.
      Maybe your Mom isn't messy enough? I get away with pretty much everything around here, she keeps saying she has given up on training cats a long time ago.

  3. Your, not you're.

    What can I say? I'm a dog and am self taught in the human language.