Saturday, June 2, 2012

ALL boxes are MY boxes

It's funny. Usually if there's a box with content around, Greebo is the first one to have a closer look. He is feeling a little under the weather at the moment however, so maybe that's the reason why I got first dibs on this one. It's filled up with books, you remember I told you there's packing going on. This box has a sticker saying "Tierparkbücher", zoo books. You know I love books and often sleep behind them in closets that I open although it gets me stern looks (yeah, as if Greebo and Esme don't do it, too). This is a lousy video. Mom knows that when she gets up I usually stop doing whatever I'm doing right now, especially if she holds a camera. I love that disappointed "oh maaaaan" sound, hehe. So once again she took this from the next room, zooming in. Forgive her, she's old and her hands are not that steady anymore. Don't listen to her saying the light was bad, too. She's good at cheap excuses. You'll get the idea, though.

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