Thursday, March 29, 2012

Little sister

I'll never get over how innocent Esme can look if she wants to. I mean would you think she can be a really tough nut when we have one of our sibling fights? Look at that baby look from her big eyes.
Maybe it has to do with where she's sitting in this picture. (It was a lucky shot and therefore not high quality, sorry. Mom happened to carry her cam because she was on the way to take some pictures.)
Where else can a little girl sit in a bath tub that comfortable?
If you wonder, it's the upstairs bath. Esme likes to sit there when Mom is doing laundry and she doesn't want her to get a cold butt. Are we spoilt like some people say or is it just that we deserve the very best? Take an educated guess what I think.

We also deserve this great box that we take turns in using, by the way ;-)


  1. Esme is adorable. I love her innocent look. Reminds of my cat, Isis, who has perfected her look of denial to the point that she can do it even when caught in the act.

    1. We are never caught in the act of doing anything wrong. That's because we never do anything wrong. We just bend the rules sometimes! ;-)