Friday, December 30, 2011

The shocking truth

How was your Christmas? Did you have a good time? Lots of gifts, lots of food? Our Christmas mainly consisted of Mom listening to carols and singing along. The decoration is outside in the hallway because those humas are so untrusting. I swear we would all have been good with a tree, hehe.

So much for polite small talk, now let's get to the core of cat evilness in this house. I have to admit I was shocked.
Mom has some time off at the moment and like always her life rhythm started to change after a while. The long night sessions in the library were back, with 50s Robin Hood DVDs, wire, hook and beads. We like to come by and say hello when she does that, sometimes we spend a little time in the armchair with her, sometimes we just circle her and sometimes we whine ... ok, mostly Esme and I are the whiners, I have to be honest about that.

Lately when I have one of my whining bouts, Mom just opens a random closet to let me in. That's what she did the other night in the library. Mystery S to Z is one of my favorites to browse. When I was done going through, one of the door closed ... and then it happened.
It's a good thing that Mom had remembered to bring her camera this time. How else could we have shown that Greebo has no respect for books whatsoever??

"Oh, hey ... it's open. Mystery S to Z, eh? Let's have a closer look."

"Darn, the wrong door closed, there's all books, how am I supposed to go in there now?"

"There you go. One more book and there will be a perfect gap for me to go in."

That was the last straw. Greebo was banned from the library (well, at least to the other side of the room) and book heaven was closed down, even for me, the cat librarian!

(Editor's remark, not authorized by the blog author: The "cat librarian" loves to knock books off my desk if he needs more space. So much for reprimanding his pal.)

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