Friday, November 4, 2011

Shame on the humans

Look at this picture of Esme ... the big, round baby eyes of a kitty who trusts her humans. Who thinks her humans won't do her wrong. Who is not afraid of humans betraying her. A kitty who was to be disappointed in the most cruel way you can imagine.

I promised not to show a picture of how Esme is looking now, her eyes deadened from the knowledge of betrayal, all joy and will for live lost, merely a shadow of herself - all of that due to the Cone of Shame.
Of course Mom keeps telling Esme it's for her own best and if she had stopped scratching the wound above her eye, there wouldn't be a need for that ... that thing, but neither of us really believes it.
Did you know that local - very local, actually limited to this out - history tells us that this is the first Cone of Shame EVER to be used here? In twenty years of cats (and other critters!) around?
I'm sorry for my little sister. She doesn't deserve that. Neither does she deserve being stared at. Shame on you as well, Greebo and Meffi. At least I had the decency to retreat to one of my favorite resting spots and pretend I didn't notice.
Uh-oh. Now they are coming and they are holding that herbal cream again!!

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