Sunday, July 10, 2011

Who - me??

Today I'll give advice to all of you humans out there.

It's not smart to let a cat train you.

Unneccesary advice, you think? All humans know that already? No self-respecting human would walk into the trap? I'm afraid we got a pretty inferior specimen in our house then - and a very determined little cat.

Doesn't she look like a little angel? Today she proved she can still be very much a little devil. Mom hates nothing more than cats jumping around on the DVD player. It gets her up in a nanosecond. None of us has brought the technique more to perfection than Meffi has.
Being such a small cat she can jump the player directly, with a very nasty sounding thump. We others have to jump the sideboard and jump on the player from there, it's not half as much fun and even if it works as well, it's a poor performance compared to what the lady does.
I can't be sure, but the fact that the player likes to block when opening the DVD drawer might be credited to her, too.
This fine morning she was feeling hungry and neglected. There were only kibbles and the lady didn't feel like kibbles. She likes her food juicy in the morning.
Up she went. "Meff!" I guess 4 hours of sleep weren't enough for Mom. Up again. "Meheeeeff, pleeease?" She could have gotten up right then. She was awake enough to speak two words, a clear sign she wouldn't just fall asleep again. I counted, it took Meffi exactly five attempts before she could munch away.
It's no wonder I adore her.

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  1. Ponder, I hope so much Meffi will like you too :-)