Saturday, May 7, 2011


I don't trust Mom when she's telling me she needs me for a little test. Five minutes tops and it won't hurt, promise. What does this woman know about what hurts me? Does she even care about my hurt feelings when she is trying to put a Santa hat on me or when she wants to take a video of me to show the world how wonderfully I can fetch? It doesn't matter that she tells me she wants to make me rich and famous, I don't believe a word she says.

This test was about brushing, though. I never liked much to be brushed. It means I'm supposed to sit still and patience is not of my strong traits.
Lately however it has been growing on me. Of course I still roll and bounce around a lot, but only because I enjoy it so much.
Now Mom got a new brush, one with a blade to better get rid of the undercoat. It made me wonder if she is trying to sell our fur as catshmere or something. I am NOT a goat.

Greebo's fur is all over the house. If you visit, don't wear black if you want to hold him. He has enough white hair for ten black shirts and it clings, too. Mom mainly got the brush for him. She read all of the 200+ feedbacks and it convinced her to give it a try.

So today was testing day. Like so often the girls got out of it. Meffi hid in one of her favorite spots, Esme played her eel number. The approximately ten hairs which came out of her test have not been entered into the end result.
Here is a picture of what Greebo (left) and I (right) "donated" in the same amount of brushing time of 5 minutes. Both balls have been rolled as tightly as possible for better comparison. Can you believe that?? I think he won this one, don't you think?


  1. How funny! Phoebe is the one who comes running to be brushed - she loves it! Sparty isn't so keen, although sometimes if he is in the right mood, he will put up with a few minutes of brushing.

    I'm interested in the brush with the blade - it sounds scary, but if it gets rid of the 'old' undercoat, it might be worth trying. Is it also meant to be used on short-hair cats?

  2. I know it sounds scary, it did to me at first. Ponder and Greebo are both short-hair cats. You just have to be careful not to overdo it in one spot.
    I'll send you the info.