Friday, May 27, 2011

Snack time

Just now Mom came into the library and turned the light on. "Hey lady, I am trying to sleep here!" She fiddled around in her jewelry box, turned the light off and left. "Wait a moment, you woke me up, you don't think you can just leave me here like that now?"
She calls it my annoying sound. I am really proud of it, I had practised it for a month before I found the right pitch to make her cringe when hearing it. She keeps asking me if I know how annoying it is and today she even tried in a very feeble attempt to imitate it to annoy me back. How ridiculous.
Well, with a little help from Greebo and Esme who had been sleeping in Dad's office chair and under his desk we made Mom open her cabinet. She tries to pretend there are only office supplies in there, but we know there are snacks, too!!

You know how the water "boils" when sharks or piranhas are onto their prey? While watching us gobble down the snacks, Mom said she waited for the carpet to boil *eyeroll* I wonder if we'll ever get her trained to behave normally or at least as normally as a human being can behave.
I have my doubts when I hear her call us "furry sharks"!

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