Saturday, May 21, 2011

Da Bump

I don't understand Mom.

Yesterday she was changing the bed covers and sheet. That's big fun. While Meffi, the little diva, stays away from it as usual (or possibly away from me?), Greebo likes to sit and watch, and Esme and I love to get in on the fun. Mom says it's not fun, but what does she know? Every time she raised another blanket, pillow or whatever I jumped right into it. She said I would get hit or trodden on, but that didn't stop me.

As much as I enjoy jumping blankets however, the absolute highlight is the changing of the sheet. I like to roll around and bite and attack it. Whenever Esme got thrown off the bed, I was on there and vice versa. Only Esme is not quite as persistent. She walks around the bed and gets back on the other side. I pop back like a rubber ball. I might have been one in another life, you know.

Then came the moment when the sheet was tucked in at three of the four corners and I was still lurking underneath the sheet. That's when Mom lifts it and tries to coax me out of there. Ridiculous. She started tickling me through the sheet. Come on, ask her what that did for her, mwahahaaa. She started calling me a silly bump. Excusez moi??
Esme came back onto the bed and I followed her like a shark in the water, only I didn't have a dorsal fin to stick through the sheet and make her blood freeze. Mom later said it looked really funny how Esme started fighting with "da bump". Gee, get a life, Mom, or at least your own fights!

It got even worse. She ran to get the camera from upstairs and this here is the result - Ponder, Da Bump. I wonder if I'll ever get rid of that name again!

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  1. I love this post Ponder! It may surprise you to know that kitties all over the world enjoy playing this very game, including some in my house. Thank you for sharing the fun! <3