Thursday, March 31, 2011

Revenge is my middle name

Everyone who has only the slightest knowledge about cats knows we don't like limits of any kinds.
We don't like to be limited in snuggling time, no matter if it's 2.30 am and you need to go work the next day.
We don't like to be limited in space by shut and sometimes even locked doors, no matter if you claim you don't need hair in your polymer clay. What about yourself? Your hair is much longer and of course not as nice as our luxurious furs.
We don't like to be limited foodwise. If we want junk food, give us junk food and don't try to convince us that the Swedish food is so much healthier for us. Don't try to hide that cookie, I have seen it, junk food lady!

Today however Mom topped all of that. Just a moment, let me take a deep breath, I am still too shocked.
She actually built a fence between me and the computer! You don't believe me?? Well, here you go!

I just wanted to keep her company by walking back and forth a bit while telling her the latest kitty news when she suddenly said it was enough and put up this ... this ... thing. Not exactly a highlight in structural engineering, but at first I was so confused I could just sit there and stare. Do you think she cared? She dared to laugh at me!

Then I carefully stepped across the biggest gap in the back right onto the keyboard, turned around and knocked the stupid thing over. For a teeny, tiny moment I got jumpy and guess what ... oh yes, she was lying in her chair, laughing like a madwoman.

Like I already said above, revenge is my middle name. When she tried to go to bed and sleep, I sang the "Neglected Cat Aria" from the opera I'm working on. Finally she got up again. That's a good start, but it's not over yet .......


  1. Awe Ponder has his own Blog! What a lucky kitty... I had a dream 2 nights ago that EMM my huge grey cat clonned himself only his clone was evil... He growled and swatted at me whenever I tried to be nice... I didn't realize that I had 2 identical cats until I found them both sleeping on the bed one day....

  2. Ponder, maybe Mom can record your arias and submit them to a recording studio. You never know, you could get a deal out of it.... >:>